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How does the latest in high-tech printing machinery differ from that of just 10 years ago? If you look closely, you can see a dot pattern in your full color printed materials. Chances are, your materials have been printed at 150-175 lines per inch. AllStar customers enjoy higher resolutions of what is know known as “optimized dot” (more defined and circular) 200-400 line screen printing.

Ask us to provide you with references of notable area companies and institutions that have experienced the difference in quality (ask your current printer if they can produce “300-400 line screen” resolution – chances are, the best they can produce efficiently is 175 line screen reproduction and they would really be pushing the limit at 200 line screen).

Expect to hear “… oh, nobody will ever notice unless you compare them side by side…” I don’t think you would feel the same if you compared your new brochures with older versions printed on older technology… trust me!

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