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Two words: Quality and Dependability. These words are thrown around quite often nowadays, not so at AllStar.

We take quality very seriously. For instance, we calibrate our color systems from front-to-back on a monthly basis, something other printers rarely – if ever – do! By calibrating and continuously maintaining predictable color outcomes, we have practically eliminated the “botched” job from our shop.

Sure, it’s a very costly and time-consuming process that requires skilled technicians, but we find truth and wisdom in the old adage of “do it right the first time”. This is where dependability comes in.

By eliminating most of the guesswork out of the process, we have more control and flexibility in our scheduling, what this means is that all of that fancy high-tech equipment we’ve invested in can do its job. By running faster and smarter with better consistency, we out-pace and out-service our competitors every time… That translates to dependability.

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