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Flyers and posters are available with a variety of folding options in various sizes, different options may require a custom order. Coating options on this product category include AQ or UV Coating.

  • Turn-around / Production time: Depends on quantity, 5 to 10 business days. Please contact for any special needs at 321-777-7320.

Need help? Give us a call at (321) 777-7320 and we’ll be happy to help. Print files not meeting minimum requirements will hold up the print job and time rectifying files will not be included in production turn-around time.

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Print production turn-around time:

  • Production time is 5-10 business days
  • Files submitted meeting print requirements will be processed within one business day.
  • Orders are processed during business days only.

Printing specs:

  • Filetype to upload? A PDF is preferred. When creating a PDF using Adobe Acrobat use the “Press Quality” setting and have an added bleed.  When supplying PDF files, use a consistent naming convention that makes the files easily identifiable, (i.e. mybrochure001.pdf)  Please avoid using spaces in your file name title as this may cause issues crossing platforms.
    • Other supported filetypes? (.tiff, .jpg, or .eps) to avoid font issues please outline text or package fonts with the upload. For a flat .tiff or .jpg files please submit images of 600 dpi for best results.
  • What resolution should my images be? We recommend that all images used are 300dpi. Submitting files with a lower resolution than 300dpi can make the image look pixilated and blurry. Images found online for example should not be used for print purposes.
  • Document edge (bleed)? If your print job requires bleeds, color up to the paper edge, please allow 1/8″ of bleed beyond the trim size of your page. Failure to allow at least 1/8″ of bleed may result in white showing on trimmed edges.
  • What is the safety for trim? All critical copy must be at least 3/16″ from the final trim to avoid the possibility of being trimmed off.

If you have problems with this form, you can send the same information via email by clicking on jef@allstar-printing.com

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